Spy Phone Android

Spy Phone Android is a software for remote control of Smat phones.
Spy Phone Android is developed platform based on all the possible solutions for comprehensive tracking
monitoring, spying, carrying out remote control Smart Android mobile devices.
Spy Phone Android is software for mobile smart phone which collected all spy tools in one, and this distinguishes it from many such mobile applications in the spy phone marketplace.

Spy Phone Android tracking software and spy on mobile devices has a place in everyone's life.
- Your children - for remote and discreet control in order to protect the most precious thing in this world.
- Your personal life. Whether you are a spouse or wife you will have control in every situation.
- Employees - The application can track overall activity of your employees.
- Competitors - you can spy on your competitors
- Business Partners - Track the loyalty of your business partners.
- Gps navigation car- through app you can adjust the positioning of the device at least every 5 minutes
- Theft of car - by integrating smart mobile device with application installed you can track your vehicles and you overhear what was going on in the car.
- For your own phone - You can back up the events from your phone
- Theft of phone - if the thief of your phone is not gone away, you could activate the alarm of the Phone remotely from your account and thus to recognize it among other people. Also is possible in real time track it to see where is it and who speak or write.

Spy Phone Android all in one is the only application of this kind that gives you exhaustive information for track phone.
Each event gives you all the information, each event is accompanied by all the attributes:
- Date, time, name and number or just the number and location positioned accurately on the detailed maps.

- Supports Android smart devices
- Remote monitoring:
- Incoming and outgoing phone calls accompanied by the date, time, duration, name and number or just number
- Incoming and outgoing text messages accompanied with date, time, text, name and number or number only.
- Incoming and outgoing MMS, and accompanied with date, time, duration, name and number or just number
- Environment recording or conversations with remote control and audition.
- Record of the incoming and outgoing calls with date, time, duration, name and number or just number / does not apply to all phones with the ability to pre-test /.
- Remote commands to the tracking devices - including mobile networks and more.
- Web browsing
- System logs - on, off, reboot, battery status.
- All other phone activities - use of games and other applications
- All these events are reflected as the location on Google Maps.

Spy Phone Android installed on the phone you want to track for about 30 seconds.
The events are monitored remotely from your account on a website https://myspyphone.net/ where you can control and adjust further to your specific goals and needs.

Installation and uninstallation of tracking app spy mobile smart phones is fast and easy.
Once you have downloaded and you are registered on the application with -mail and password using the same
go to website https://myspyphone.net/ where you immediately can track, spy, listen to conversations or ambient noises and many others.

Spy Phone Android tracking software on mobile devices with low battery consumption and shorter execution time.
Spy Phone Android gives you one week free to make sure in functionality and performance of the application.
Spy Phone Android has Stealt Mode in case you want to be discreet. Visit the our website for details https://myspyphone.net/.
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